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Humanities En Plein Air - Episode 111 - Picasso & Cubism 길 위의 인문학


1. When did Modern Art begin? What does it signify?
  - What are Modern and Contemporary Ages?
  - Three-period or four-period frameworks of history
     Ancient ages / Middle Ages / Modern Ages
    (Ancient ages / Middle Ages / Modern Ages / Contemporary Ages)

2. Representational/Figurative Art vs. Abstractive Art

3. Aspect and Analysis of Realism
  - What does reality signify in realism?
     In Traditional Art / In Modern Art / In Contemporary Art

4. The Position of Paul Cezanne in Art History.
  - The Value of Traditional Prospective
  - A New Approach to Chiaroscuro
  - Analysis of 3-Dimensional Space in 2-Dimensional Space

5. Fauvism, Cubism, and Orphism
  - Does Music Consist of Notes or Sounds?
  - Is Fine Art Composed of Lines or Colours?
  - The Distribution of Reason and Emotion

6. Where in Art History were Picasso and his Friends Aware of their Place?
  - What is Cubism?
  - The Transition between Spaces
  - Is Essence of Life Figurative or Abstractive?

7. The Relationship of Cubism and Contemporary Art
  - Abstractionism Coming On
  - Can Abstractive Space Exist?
  - Why Do We Go Artistic? What is Aesthetics?
  - What Kind of Art Could Come after Contemporary Art?